Cold Room

Cold Room Dealers in Delhi

Cold Room Dealers in Delhi

Cold rooms are referred to as a modular structure that is specifically being designed for preserving a particular temperature inside it. They are generated by using the flexible panels for the cold storage that is applicable to various industries like food processing, floriculture, pharmaceutical, dairy and ice cream, hospitality, warehouse, and many other different businesses. Cold rooms are necessary with the increment of the temperature or we can say with the effect of global warming, it is very necessary to save a lot of things from heat effect. A cold room can create a particular temperature either positive or negative what is required as per the product to keep it safe from bacteria, rotten and many other contaminants. Being the prominent blue star cold room dealers in Delhi the Truman innovations are offering best in class products of this arena of refrigeration with a vast range of specification and features. These modular cold rooms are available in different dimensions and various features like temperature management in an optimal way. Although when one tries to search for a modular cold room in market there are certain points which should always be taken care about it. The blue star cold rooms which are among the dealing products of Truman innovation have the best features and specification needed for it. It consists of the following parts.

The Panels: Panels that have been used in the manufacturing the new range of blue star’s cold rooms are of prefabricated insulation that are highly flexible in size and eco-friendly from the ground-up which have been created by taking care of environment properly. Each of the panels has a cam-action locking device within it which is positioned without any vagueness. The cam-action is attached in such a way that they ensure flawless locking of the cold room.

The Doors: The product has flush-fit doors which are properly sliding and aesthetic. These doors avoid thermal conductivity as, is consist of thermal break perimeter with the features like self-closing, posi seal, safety release and sweep gasket.

Evaporating Unit: it consists of the unit for evaporation with positive, negative and medium temperature. This evaporation unit is also having features like 

  • Removable panels insides for easy service and lowest downtime.

  • Inner grooved copper tube for higher heat transfer.

  • Defrost heater in the coil.

  • The stainless steel body of the unit for greater durability.

Condensing Unit: The condensing unit that has been utilized in this product is having the compressor, that is of different types like hermetic, semi-hermetic reciprocating/ semi Hermatic scroll. Apart from that, it has positive and negative temperature condensing unit.

Control Panel: The blue star has used the two compressor controller with separate set points and differentials for each compressor.

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