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Deep Freezer Dealers in South Delhi

Deep Freezer Dealers in Delhi

The freezers are among the modern invention of human being which is high in the requirement in warm countries or warm regions of the world. Nowadays we cannot imagine even a single home without a freeze in a country like India, it is the most common electronic appliance which is available in almost every home for the preservation of food products or many other applications. It is necessary too for food preservation as freezing of food saves it from, rot, mold and protect it from various kinds of bacteria. For the storage of many items, it gives the best solution in the case when some of the people like to purchase more or in large quantities to save their time and money.

Truman innovations are among the best deep freezer dealers in Delhi, who is offering blue star deep freezers which are the most efficient and economical solution for deep freezing of any product. The range of top freezers of blue star incorporates cutting edge and advanced technology, creative and innovative features and provide long-lasting freshness to products. This machine is truly best product for the sub-continental countries where the temperature is high usually, it is also electricity efficient and use very less energy and saves your money through cutting your power bills and enhance the revenue by growing the is the kind of machine which is expected by the experts of refrigeration technology of contemporary world with smart features and specifications.

Among the freezers the chest freezers are the most economical one which is shaped as the large box with the hinged lid opens at upward. As the lid is on the top these kinds of machines require adequate space with plenty of head rooms. Hardtop freezers of a blue star are available in various ranges and sizes which can keep the food fresh for a long time for which Truman is among the prominent deep freezer dealers in South Delhi. For better organization and appropriate management of storage item, these freezers have basket type arrangements in them for storing the smaller items as bags of frozen vegetables and pre-cooked meals and for the easy retrieval of these items. It consolidates the freezing demand of products better than any other product. Let us see some of the features and specifications of this machinery of a blue star offered by Truman innovations :

100 liters Blue Star Deep Freezer or Chest Cooler or Chest Freezer - CHF100

Many of our residential as well as small business customers prefer the 100-liter chest freezer. The 100-liter deep freezer is compact with the dimensions being 61 x 50 x 83 cms. The inner tank is made up of embossed aluminum. The weight is only 33 kgs and it also comes with 4 wheels for easier movement of the chest cooler. This freezer can fit easily in a small place and is good for a small shop or kitchen for storage.

The 100-liter deep freezer has a single door. The freezer is meant to store pre-cooled items. It is not meant for a pull-down of temperature. Thus, it is preferable that if you are keeping nonveg food or anything that is hot/warm, then the material needs to be kept in ice for some time before it is kept in the freezer.

100 liter chest cooler dealers in delhi

The salient features of 100-liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Gross capacity – 108 liters
  • Net Capacity – 100 liters
  • No of Lids – 1
  • No of Baskets – 1
  • Temperature – (-18 degrees)
  • Dimensions in mm – 616 x 504 x 830
  • Energy consumption – 1.3 units / 24 hours. 

150 liters Blue Star Deep Freezer or Chest Cooler or Chest Freezer - CHF150C

One of the smallest single-door freezers with 150 liters of storage space is the 150-liter freezer, also known as the most specific CHF150 or CHF150C on the market. This freezer is one of the best-selling SKUs among the 4 single-door freezers. One-door freezers are 100 liters, 150 liters, 200 liters and 300 liters. But 150 liters are the highest demand.

The advantage of the chest cooler Blue Star is the service in South Delhi that the company provides along with the freezer. The Blue Star Customer Service Center can keep your freezers all over India. As the company has an extensive network of air conditioners, it also has a freezer service network.

The 150-liter freezer holds up to 75 to 85 kg of food. The freezing temperature can drop to -18 degrees. This is the FDA approved temperature for food storage. Since Blue Star is an ecological company, the refrigerant used in the freezer is the refrigerant R134.

This freezer can cool down to -18 degrees, even when the outside temperature reaches 43 degrees. This is because the 150-liter freezer is tropicalized and works well in all Indian conditions. Due to the ecological refrigerant used, their energy costs are lower.

150 liter chest cooler

The salient features of 150 liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Gross capacity – 150 liters
  • Net Capacity – 141 liters
  • No of Lids – 1
  • No of Baskets – 1
  • Temperature – (-18 degrees)
  • Dimensions in mm – 760 x 560 x 825

200 liters Blue Star Deep Freezer or Chest Cooler or Chest Freezer

The 200-liter deep freezer Blue Star is ideal for home or small business. Recently, a number of applications have been found which have increased the use of 200-liter freezers in residential complexes and small businesses. The freezer can be used to store mango pulp, non-vegetarian foods, ice cream or other food material that must be stored at a negative temperature. The 200-liter deep freezer Blue Star is also used by several drug dealers.

CHF200 B is a 200-liter freezer. The gross capacity of the CHF 200 model is 208 liters and the net capacity is 198 liters. CHF200 B has only one lid and has a temperature of -18 ° C.

200 liter chest cooler

The salient features of 200 liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Gross capacity – 208 liters
  • Net Capacity – 198 liters
  • No of Lids – 1
  • No of Baskets – 1
  • Temperature – (-18 degrees)
  • Energy consumption – 2 units
  • Dimensions in mm – 1010 x 520 x 835

300 liters Blue Star Deep Freezer or Chest Cooler or Chest Freezer

The favorite of the ice segment, the 300-liter freezer, is suitable for storage in many retail outlets, restaurants and hotels. This is because space is an important constraint in urban areas such as Mumbai. The 300 liters are larger than the freezer from 100 to 200 liters. On the other hand, it is smaller than the freezer 400 to 500 liters deep. Depending on the space available, the 300-liter freezer can therefore be perfectly adapted to your needs.

The 300-liter freezer is a one-door freezer. It has a tank volume of 300 liters, the gross capacity is also 300 liters. Due to its high density PUF insulation, the freezer has a very good residence time. Therefore, this freezer is also used in remote areas for storage. The refrigerant used is R134A. The deep Reezer also has sturdy wheels to facilitate the movement of the freezer.

300 liter chest cooler

The salient features of 300-liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Gross capacity – 300 liters
  • Net Capacity – 300 liters
  • No of Lids – 1
  • No of Baskets – 1
  • Temperature – (-18 degrees)
  • Energy consumption – 2 units
  • Dimensions in mm – 1055 x 735 x 835

400 & 500 liters Blue Star Deep Freezer or Chest Cooler or Chest Freezer

We discussed the smaller Blue Star glass top freezer from 100 to 300 liters. However, this page is about the largest top glass freezers in the 400 liter and 500 liter range.

These two top glass freezers are the choice of the frozen food and ice cream industry. One of the main reasons why they are preferred to smaller freezers is their storage and display capacity. The 400-liter freezer with Blue Star glass plate can easily store and display up to 250 kg of ice cream or frozen food. Similarly, the 500 liter glass freezer can display up to 300 kg of ice cream.

These two freezers are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, larger ice cream shops, frozen food shops and often in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The advantage of the larger freezer with Blue Star glass top is that these freezers have an Italian two-layer tempered glass on the top that can maintain the optimum temperature but does not crack easily.

400 & 500 chest cooler

The salient features of 400 liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Model – GT400
  • Gross capacity – 388 liters
  • Temperature – (-18) to (-22) degrees
  • Refrigerant – Eco friendly
  • Glass type – Low emissive toughened glass of 4 mm
  • No of sliding lids – 2
  • Dimensions – (W x D x H) 123.5 cm x 67 cm x 88.9 cm
  • Inner cabinet – Anodised stucco aluminium
  • Weight – 65 kgs
  • Internal Basket – 2

The salient features of 500 liter Chest Coolers:-

  • Model – GT500
  • Gross capacity – 502 liters
  • Temperature – (-18) to (-22) degrees
  • Refrigerant – Eco friendly R134 refrigerant
  • Glass type – Low emissive toughened glass of 4 mm
  • No of sliding lids – 2
  • Dimensions – (W x D x H) 151.5 cm x 67 cm x 88.9 cm
  • Inner cabinet – Anodised stucco aluminium
  • Internal Basket – 4
  • Weight – 73 kgs
  • Wheels in Freezer – Yes, 4 heavy duty castor wheels.

Features of Deep Freezer

  • The body of the freezer is highly corrosion resistant.
  • It is tropicalized for high ambient temperature.
  • For heavy-duty use, it has been constructed in most robustly.
  • It is available in various capacities.
  • It has twin door models.
  • The twin door larger capacity models for avoiding the cooling loss are also available.
  • All the models are equipped with a proper lock system.
  • It has high-density PUF insulation for better holding time.
  • It is highly energy saver and hence saves electricity and the revenue too.
  • The compressor is also economical.
  • This is the flawlessly eco-friendly product, take cares of the environment.
  • Well managed shape from inside.

Specifications of Deep Freezers:

Gross Capacity: Various capacities are available for this product like 95, 145,188, 285, 295 and up to 665 L. 
Inner Cabinet: The inner cabinet is made up of stucco aluminum/ PP liner.
No. of The Basket: The number of baskets is one or two as per size.
No. of Lids: The number of lids is also as per size.

Warranty and service
The warranty for refrigerators and freezers  Blue Star is 1 year. Since this is the Blue Star brand, We are the top deep freezers or chest freezer or chest cooler, Glass top Freezerdealers, distributors and suppliers in Delhi. Blue Star franchises are available throughout India. The toll-free number is +011-40735596.

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