Cooler Cum Freezer Dealers

Cooler Cum Freezer Dealers in Delhi

Cooler Cum Freezer Dealers in Delhi

A decade ago, all refrigerators made freezers or refrigerators. The work of the freezers was to keep the freezing temperature of the product at -18 degrees. The task of bottle coolers and milk coolers was to maintain the temperature of chilled drinks such as soda or beer or other beverages. Bluestar is the best cooler cum freezer dealers & distributors in Delhi.

In recent years, however, space has become more expensive and the shops have much less space to store the freezer or the refrigerator. Hence the increased demand for semi-coolers half coolers, also known as Blue Star combi refrigerator.

In the cooling medium of the freezing medium is a given compartment, and one side is a complete freezer, while the other side is a bottle cooler. On the freezer side, the temperature is kept at -18 degrees, which is required for ice cream or other frozen foods. The colder side serves to keep the drinks cooled. So in the same room, you get twice as many functions. Cooler cum freezer is also known as half cooler half freezer. Therefore, this model is a success for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Blue Star cooler cum freezer - Combination Half cooler half freezer:

Another advantage of the fridge freezer is that you invest less (instead of buying two machines, you only need to buy one) and reduce operating costs. The freezer holds 175 liters, the refrigerator 135 liters. The gross capacity of the freezer is 310 liters.

Service and Warranty: The Blue Star Cooler Cum Freezer comes with a 1-year warranty on the compressor and the machine. Blue Star is known for its excellent service and maintains service franchises throughout India. The toll-free number is 011-40735596. Since the machine comes from Blue Star, there are few complaints about the performance of the machine.

Caution: Both the freezer and the coldest part serve to maintain and not lower the temperature. This means that you can not keep a bottle that has room temperature in the chiller. The normal ambient temperature is sometimes up to 35 degrees, which puts a heavy load on the compressor and lowers the temperature from 35 degrees to 8 degrees. For this reason, the compressor may fail and the warranty expires. Always store pre-chilled and pre-frozen material in the freezer.

Properties of Cooler Cum Freezer:

  • Double compartment machine in one as a freezer and the other configured as a refrigerator
  • Two separate covers ensure independent access to the freezer and cold rooms.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic.
  • Excellent drainage
  • Versatile wheels facilitate the movement and placement of the device.

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