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The modern kitchens of the industry cannot be even imagined without the latest technology generated commercial equipment, one can find all the usable instruments as kitchen appliances in such places nowadays. Truman innovations are dealing with manufacturing and trading of commercial kitchen equipment for cooling like a reach in chiller, freezers or under-counter freezers that are immensely useful in commercial kitchen is a most essential machine when it comes to certain business-like, restaurant, dairy products, bakery, and much other food preservation relative business. The need for such big electronic kitchen appliances is quite different from the residential one. We at Truman innovations offer the installation too of our product so that clients need not bother about its connections and all that. Our trained and expert technicians are always available for the maintenance and installation of the big giant refrigeration unit as per the requirement of clients.

      We at Truman have a different kind of commercial cooling refrigerators of Blue star as per the demand of the industry at a reasonable price. The items provided by us are space-saving with the highly visible counters which are recommended in a few industries for displaying the food along with maintaining the temperature. The units inside the machine have been designed to keep the various things properly like drinks, salads, snacks, parfaits, foods, and even flowers chilled and fresh. One can choose from items of different sizes, styles, and capacities to find the best commercial display refrigerator for your small or large area. Apart from the management of items inside the display refrigerator, it is available with great features, like glass windows, LED lighting, lighted sides, and decorative decals, which enhance the presentation of your food and drink items. Customers can select styles even have open designs and use air curtains to keep contents chilled, which allows customers to access grab-and-go items without having to open a door. You can also find a commercial display refrigerator that is combined with a freezer, so you can display cold and frozen items at the same time.

There are many other types of freezers that are recommended in an industry like hotels and restaurant or we can say at the commercial level. Few of them are.

  • Upright storage fridges:  it is available with less storage capacity than a walk-in fridge, an upright fridge is suitable for most restaurant kitchens. Available in a choice of sizes depending on your cooling needs, an upright fridge requires less floor space than a walk-in or chest fridge, with the suitability to store all fresh and perishable produce and is ideal for use in a hotel, restaurant, school or hospital canteen or any location which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a busy kitchen whilst providing ample storage capacity, upright chillers are designed to operate to 43ºC ambient, making them suitable for chilling meat.
  •  Under counter fridges:  These type of fridges are also known as refrigeration drawers, such high capacity chiller cabinets are ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium.
  • Reach in fridges:  The reach-in fridges are easy to access and with large storage capacity, a reach-in fridge is the ideal refrigeration equipment for many restaurant kitchens. Suitable for all perishable and chilled produce, a reach-in fridge should be situated away from the heat of the restaurant ovens

All the above mentioned commercial kitchen equipment are available at Truman’s innovation which can fulfill the chilling requirements of many industries.

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