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In many cases, indoor air pollution is worse than outdoors due to the enclosed environment and lack of fresh air. Contaminants are trapped and microorganisms bloom in the rancid environment.

Blue Star's state-of-the-art air purifier series with advanced SensAir and NanoeTM or Plasma technologies and multi-stage filtration help you and your family breathe only what nature intends: pure air.

The new Resideo Air Purifier not only removes dust, allergens, and odors intuitively but also improves your home environment, allowing you to breathe cleanly and live a healthy life.

Know The Air Quality In Real-Time:-

Get real-time air quality updates with powerful laser sensors and PM2.5, PM10 and CADR levels in real-time at various fan speeds on the digital display. In addition, the display around the digital display shows the air quality levels.

It Works Best Even In Larger Rooms:-

This efficient air cleaner cleans the surface every 20 minutes up to 60 m2. The clean air intake rate (CADR) is 500 m3 / h. The CADR determines the effectiveness of an air purifier in specific room size. A higher CADR and the amount of clean air in one hour will provide better and maximally clean air.

Advanced Three-Stage Filtration For Maximum Clean Air:-

Stage 1: The pre-filter captures large and breathable particles such as dust, hair, and dander
Stage 2: The HEPA filter filters small floating particles up to 0.3 microns like dust, pollen and smoke with an efficiency of 99.7%.
Stage 3: The activated carbon filter effectively removes all harmful gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, VOCs, etc.

It Fits Your Needs:-

Sleep Mode: Quiet suspension with the Resideo Air Cleaner, which monitors and cleans the air with its quieter configuration with a dimmed display in sleep mode

Intelligent Automatic Mode: Intelligent sensors detect the air pollution time and the automatic mode adjusts the fan speed accordingly. So switch on and take a deep breath

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