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Truman innovations private limited is a prominent and leading company in the large chain of blue star dealers & distributors in the country which has been initiated in the year 2015 by most talented and qualified professionals. We are the most renowned dealer, distributor, and wholesaler in the Indian market of various products of blue star. The Features of on time delivery, most competitive price in the market and best in class range of these products like Blue star AC, Air purifier and Bluestar deep freezer, air cooler in New Delhi.


Best Air Conditioners

An air conditioner system has become a need in the present world. Pretty much every home and office has this important segment. As straightforward as it might seem to be it assumes noteworthy jobs in guaranteeing that you are agreeable either at home or in your office condition. For example, most definitely, the best AC guarantees that your temperature is all around adjusted. For the most part, it makes a sound and profitable focused condition for your staff individuals. You can be ensured quality help and desired from your representatives when they are working in a decent domain.

On a very basic level, an air conditioner system deals with a straightforward guideline. It moves heat from inside the house or the workplace condition to the outside. The whole procedure is all about decontaminating the air inside the structure by evacuating the allergy causing substances which are imperative to your family or office staff. The procedure additionally helps in limiting mugginess in the structure. It is significant that you see how dampness is a danger particularly in the event that you are dwelling in a wooden house or office particularly during the virus winter atmosphere. In this manner, a forced-air system is a thing that you have to introduce in your office or house in the event that you truly need to achieve the desired output.

Things to consider while buying an Air Conditioner:

  1. Capacity: The capacity of your air conditioner depends on the size of the place where you want it to be fitted. Larger the size of your place more will be the capacity of the air conditioner required. The room size decides what capacity of air conditioner will be effective for its cooling. Small rooms need maximum of 1.5-ton air conditioners, while the larger ones require 2 tons and above. 
  2. Price: This plays a very vital role while someone from a middle-class family thinks about buying an air conditioner. While majority of the population of India belongs to the middle-class family there are the rich ones and the poor ones and for both of the price of the air conditioner does not matter so this factor is very important for someone who is thinking about buying an air conditioner.
  3. Type of AC: The most common question someone asks himself while buying an air conditioner is Split AC or Window AC. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Split AC is quite efficient in working while its installation is quite complex. Window AC, on the other hand, has quite easy installation and these factors play an efficient role when you are thinking about buying an air conditioner.
  4. Energy consumption: Apart from the capital cost and fixed cost, an air conditioner has quite significant running cost.  Air conditioners of high capacities consume more power. Technology is however improving and now a days, even inverter air conditioners are there in the market.

Truman is the best Air Conditioner Dealer in the entire country. With the most dedicated professionals working alongside use, offer Blue star air conditioners at reasonable prices.

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Bluestar refrigeration covers a wide range of applications within refrigeration segment.Approach us for relevant products.

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Air Coolers

Find blue star Air Coolers, Domestic Air Cooler manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.Get contact details and address.

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Air Purifiers

Day by day increment in pollution making the environment worse for human being and for the other living beings too, in such scenario one of most needed invention of technology is Air purifiers which is a machine that takes care of indoor and outdoor environment of some space as by the cleaning of air this equipment ensures good health hence mandatory in polluted areas. These are basically used to eliminate dust, bad odors, allergens and pollen from the air. Therefore it is essential to have the best device available in the market for the purification of air in your home or the space you need it. These purifiers are existing in various types and as per the requirement like as per the size of the area where it is needed, indoor, outdoor and with specific features at Truman innovations as we are best trader, manufacturer, and supplier of blue star’s air purifiers. With the blue star’s device one can have healthy breath in the home and their office even.

 Blue star’s offered device is equipped with advance sense air and plasma technology which trapped the contaminants and bad odors and finally provides you and your family perfect pure air to breath-in. the machine takes care of various air quality indexes in real-time and manages the environment of a particular space by maintaining the indexes properly. It works even in large spaces as the powerful laser sensors and PM2.5, PM10 and CADR levels in real-time at various fan speeds on the digital display, even the digital display shows the current air quality levels. This efficient air cleaner cleans the surface every 20 minutes up to 60 m2. The clean air intake rate (CADR) is 500 m3 / h. The CADR determines the effectiveness of an air purifier in a specific room size. A higher CADR and the amount of clean air in one hour will provide better and maximally clean air. It has three stage filtration technology for the cleaning of maximum air in a particular space. The pre-filter, Hepa filter, and carbon filter are the three-stage of filtration. Apart from the best in class features the blue star air- purifiers suit the need of time with the smart features like sleep mode, intelligent automatic mode which helps you out to breathe fresh in the polluted environment even.

 There are various variants of blue star’s product in the arena of cleaning the air quality like silver, white and many others as per the requirements of device like few of them are ideal for classrooms, restaurants, halls, large office cabins, premium bedrooms, and living rooms and has many other silent features with it like.

  • Nanoe TM Technology
  • SensAir Technology
  • Clean air delivery at the rate of 420m3/h
  • 4-stage filtration
  •  High Density Filter for large as well as solid particles like fur, hair, bacteria
  • True HEPA Filter enhanced with EF technology for absorbing smoke, dust, allergens, pollen
  • Silver Nano Carbon Filter for formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds and odour
  • Efficient Compound Filter comprised of above mentioned three filters for filtration of bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • Long filter life
  • Odour sensor monitors
  • Air quality indicator
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer
  • Child lock
  • 4 fan speeds

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Water Coolers

Blue star manufacturer and supplier Water Cooler with powerful and rugged compressor together with good warranty period

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Water Purifiers

Blue star manufacturer best water purifiers with the latest technology and smart key functions.

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About Bluestar Dealers & Distributors

Truman innovations private limited established in April 2015 in a humble way, comprising the most talented and qualified professionals. We are the renowned blue star products dealer, distributor, and wholesaler for all over India and abroad. Especially, we offer Blue star  AC,  Blue star Air purifier and  Blue star deep freezer, Blue star air cooler in South Delhi at a most affordable range and with effective and on-time delivery.

TruMan Satish Dhankhar, is Mechanical engineer and MBA with 16 years of experience in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning industry. He has worked with renowned Indian and Global brands like Blue Star Limited, Voltas, Daikin, Frick India Limited and Uniflair across various business functions like sales, marketing, product development, service and project management. Satish has gone through various training programs on system design for cold chain applications & precision air conditioning in India and abroad.
Once, we industry friends were discussing our industry offerings and who is best in terms of care and concern for customers. The honest conclusion was, “none, as everyone cares about profits only though may talk about customer centric approach but actual approach is money centric, by any means and by all means. So, Truman is here, who believes in doing business with ethics and honesty and really take care of customer’s need and long term benefits.
Truth and only Truth, we believe in doing business with ethics, full transparency, honesty and a healing smile. After all a true man is a real life super hero and an asset for society.

Core Features

We keenly look forward to establish long term business relation with your esteemed organization. In case you would like to have any specific information about our organization and services that we can provide, you are most welcome to get in touch with us.

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